About Me As an Artist and Social Medium

As an artist I graduated Wayne State University with a MFA in 1973. After a few years I began to get the hang of it. Of course I shall always remember the professors who limited my beliefs in myself and luckily I progressed with the support of others. Truthfully I did not think that many people liked me, so I  put on my blinders and forged a path of my own.

Rebirth for myself and the planet are the next creations. Subconscious thoughts, dreams and unseen possibilities are transformed into new attainable achievements. It’s the birth of a news paper  world. Not much has changed since the 1960’s, except Cancer, which has sharpened my wit and washed out my humor.
After surviving two lung cancer surgeries, a rarity, in 2009,and 2012. Oh dear it’s back again. There must be something more she must paint or say, redressing the planet after it’s been blown to pieces with lovely posh, flimsy garments will remind the world that closet racks sporting  war, and human suffering are not in fashion. The Declarations of a World Community are far more stylish. I will always address Wars. They are not the way I would address “who’s country is this, watch out, here I come,’ or I’ll blow your Heads off and demolish everything. How uncouth, blowing people up, how many years have we existed on Earth and man still resorts to this. How disappointing my fellow human beings.
So with brush in hand I must again hit the battlefields of life and take out the awful smut, and tars that are here on the planet.

As an artist I have limited success with sales as people don’t realize how reasonable my work is, or they make their own art or have children who do, don’t like it or as one gallery said, we have our own artists. I am from Detroit but have worked here since 1994.

It’s not always about money as I just accept things like poverty. I whine, carry on, and carry on. And continue to fight against the caste system society has implemented.


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